Polish Political Thinkers
  • Włodzimierz Bączkowski 1905-2000

    Political writer, one of the leading Sovietologists, an activist and ideological leading light of the Promethean movement. 

  • Zygmunt Balicki 1858-1916

    Co-founder and one of the most important thinkers of the national movement.

  • Oswald Balzer 1858-1933
    Historian of the Polish statehood and law

  • Joachim Bartoszewicz 1867-1938
    Politician and publicist associated with the National-Democratic movement.

  • Jan Baudouin de Courtenay 1845-1929
    Literary scholar and left-liberal publicist. 

  • Zygmunt Berezowski 1891-1979

    Publicist and politician associated with the National movement.

  • Jan Stanisław Berson 1903-1940 (?)
    Writing under the pen name Otmar, was a journalist who published in Gazeta Polska and “Głos Prawdy

  • Andrzej Bobkowski 1913-1961

    Publicist and man of letters.

  • Jan Bobrzyński 1882-1951
    Conservative politician and political thinker, chemist by profession.

  • Michał Bobrzyński 1849-1935
    Historian and Conservative politician from Galicia.

  • Adolf Bocheński 1909-1944

    Distinguished political publicist and leading thinker of National-Conservative orientation of the Second Polish Republic. 

  • Józef Bocheński 1902-1995

    Dominican friar, philosopher and logician, elder brother of Aleksander and Adolf Bocheński.

  • Franciszek Bossowski 1879-1940
    Lawyer, professor at the Stefan Batory University.

  • Jerzy Braun 1901-1975
    Christian politician and political thinker. 

  • Aleksander Bregman 1906-1967

    Journalist, analyst, and author of highly appreciated studies on international politics.

  • Kazimierz Brodziński 1791-1835
    Historian of Polish literature.

  • Stanisław Brzozowski 1878-1911

    Literary critic, philosopher, writer, and publicist; one of the most influential, but also controversial and diversely interpreted thinkers in the history of leftist thought in Poland.

  • Wacław Budzyński 1891-1939

    Political publicist, and social activist. 

  • Stanisław Bukowiecki 1867-1944

    Lawyer and expert on mining, and water, law; economist, publicist, as well as political, and social, activist. 

  • Stefan Buszczyński 1821-1892
    Pro-independence activist. 

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