Jan Bobrzyński 1882-1951

Born in Kraków on the 14th of September, 1882, as a son of Count Michał Bobrzyński, the Governor-general of Galicia and author of the famous Dzieje Polski w zarysie. After the year 1918, Jan Bobrzyński worked as an official; he was also an economic activist and editor of Conservative magazines – including “Dzień Polski” or “Nasza Przyszłość” – and a politician. In 1926 he became the secretary-general of the National Right Wing Party. He advocated collaboration with the Sanation camp, on condition, however, that the Conservatives would be able to preserve their independence. When the Conservative circles with whom he had been connected moved too close – in his opinion – to the standpoint of Piłsudski and his followers, Bobrzyński entered into an ideological and political dispute with his former colleagues, accusing them of opportunism and renunciation of many Conservative principles. He then established the Union for Polish National Thought (1934). After the war, due to his anti-Communist standpoint, he could not hope to return to any public activity. In 1945 he took up employment at the Institute of Rural Economy in Puławy; then he reconstructed the chemical plant in Oświęcim. He died in Kraków on the 3rd of September, 1951. His most important works include Sprzeczności idei demokratycznej (1929), Bolszewicka prawda (1936), and Na drodze walki. Z dziejów odrodzenia myśli konserwatywnej w Polsce (1928).


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