Stanisław Kutrzeba 1876-1946

Born Nov. 15, 1876, Cracow, the son of an artisan. He wrote more than four hundred works on the history of the Polish and Lithuanian constitution, he was a consultant for the Polish delegation to the Versailles Conference in 1919, and in 1925 he took part in the government delegation discussing with Czechoslovakia the problem of delimiting the Southern border. Honorary member of PAU since 1916, full member since 1918, General Secretary since 1926, and President in 1939. Released from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, he joined the conspiratorial University as the Dean of Law Department, still coordinating the work of PAU and conducting an active charity work as member of the so-called Committee of Three. As President of PAU, in mid-1945 he left for Moscow to attend a congress of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and took part in talks which led to the creation of the Government of National Unity. D. Jan. 7, 1946, Cracow.


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